In February 2015,silver shield gold metal Strategy 2015 annual meeting in the headquarters of every curtain call. Points out that the annual meeting will be in technology, production and operating three big  centralized power! Silver shield gold  metal from the past year's "fast-track" road to enter the new year "passing lane". So far, silver shield Gold metal network has covered 12 provinces in China.
June 2015 silver shield gold metal was invited to attend the first construction fair in Shanghai,Silver shield gold metal has shining in the exhibition and also won domestic and foreign businessmen praise, Exhibition a great success. In the same month, the silver shield gold metal  premieres first inspiring micro-movie, the film shows silver shield gold metal team positive, enterprising spirit.
July 2015 silver shield gold metal carrying new development landscape copper door debut 17th session Guangzhou construction fair and in exhibition Shang released"full housing copper series" products, products breakthrough a single pattern with the bronze, from single to pluralistic, products extends to copper carved, copper mural, copper background,  copper screen,  copper ceiling and copper crafts series to copper deduction of whole copper products.
August 2015, silver shield gold metal upgrade new technology of products, product technology leads the industry-benchmark level.
October 2015 in South-East Asia, Mr.Jinming became a silver shield gold metal  Viet Nam Hanoi,Ho Chi Minh City agent who born in Heilongjiang of China.He deal with the Middle East business building material for more than 10 years, Mr.Jinming plans to silver shield gold metal stores extend to Viet Nam's other major cities gradually. Viet Nam is a silver shield gold metal bronze door was  first station  in overseas, Mr.Jinming’s joining, marking the silver shield gold metal blew the trumpet into the copper market in Southeast Asia.
November 2015,Italy Doro design team visited the silver shield gold metal, brings simple and atmosphere of European-style, silver shield gold metal booster Gold design team design, style to the next level.


May 2014, Company spent millions buying the bronze doors of the world's most advanced production equipment of the 2nd gate official opening of the workshop,i means the first according to ISO quality management system in domestic copper production line was born strictly.SINA, Sohu, NetEase, Phoenix several authoritative media report silver shield gold metal 2nd workshop.

June 2014 silver shield gold metal first frame non-gel bronze doors was born.Non-gel technology implementation, marking the silver shield gold metal surface treatment technology has been leading domestic level!

July 2014 silver shield gold metal was invited to attend the 16th Guangzhou building decoration fairAt the meeting, design variety in pure copper, imitation copper door copper, manual copper, copper paintings and copper screens new enthusiastically by the audience.

August 2014 silver shield gold metal Research and development laboratory realize a new breakthrough, the development of new copper color.

October 2014, silver shield gold-copper doors product upgrades, new SK series on the market.

December 2014 silver shield gold metal board size up the situation, specially establish technical research and Development Center, will be chaired by former production Vice-President Xiang Yongshen to technology Vice-President,Position of Vice President of production from deep knowledge of modern production management, Mr Guo Binghui take up the position.


June 2013, silver shield gold metal production Vice President Xiang Yongshen, reorganization of the production workshop, years of business management experience for the silver shield gold metal.

October 2013,silver shield gold metal national operations centre officially launched! National operations centers chair by the senior PR Lv Rongquan, as the post of VP of operations.

Started operations in November 2013, headquarters, code-named "lion's roar fujian" Fujian investment promotion strategies, in Quanzhou, Fujian province as a base, layout of fujian.

December 2013 silver shield gold metal  held at the headquarters of a major brand, the Board strategy meeting.At the meeting, General Manager, Mr Lai Musen mention out "made in China" product development philosophy, and make a decision to establish research and development laboratory;Operations Vice President of Lv Rongquan, formally codenamed "Wolf howling Kyushu" national investment strategy.Henceforth, opened a silver shield gold metal fully enter a new chapter in the Chinese market! With months of research and development laboratory was formally established,Silver shield gold metal technology research and development team innovation, invented a number of national patent products (style, equipment, accessories, and so on), in the market to get the recognition and praise by many customers.


February 2012 silver shield gold metal formally from the old factory Jinjiang moved to a new factory in Quanzhou, brand new, magnificent new factory, was officially named "Silver shield gold metal Headquarters.

March 2012 Mr Lai Musen with national pride, civilization of copper, China vowed to carry forward the ambitions, decided to give up his hard earned advertising agency for many years, was invited to be a silver shield gold metal products, General Manager of the post.

May 2012,General Manager Mr Lai Musen vowed to make first brand of China copper door, began to study the Chinese market, from Foshan, Guangdong to "China gate", Yongkang, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, and northward, "well-traveled" later came to a conclusion: brand to win is to lay a solid foundation of quality, quality is good or not depends on the device. Therefore, silver shield, gold this year invested heavily in purchasing of the country or even the world's most advanced production equipment.


September 2010 silver shield gold metal cater to the needs of the rapid development of the market, in Quanzhou, Fujian Taiwanese Venture Park is spending heavily to buy their land, started construction of the new factory.


May 2006 Silver shield gold metal recruit technical talents, no shortage of domestic copper door industry's top technical talent to join the silver shield gold metal.


March 2005, silver shield's first factory outlets located in Jinjiang, Fujian, silver shield gold metal proclaimed branded routes.


February 2003 with Mr Li Huayang Ms Lai Meizhu couple rely on the southern Fujian"Work hard and you'll have your success." boldness in business after many years of hard work from the brand of aluminium alloy distribution develop its own brand of transformation. This year, silver shield gold metal door co was born!

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